There will be times when different weather conditions may make driving more difficult. Driving at a different time of the day, such as in the early morning or late at night can also make driving more challenging.

Driving in Rain

Rain makes road surfaces slippery, especially as the first drops fall. With more rain, tyres make less contact with the road so skidding can occur. We should slow down and always keep distance from
the vehicle in front.
In addition to these there are some other adverse conditions that might present challenges for driving like fog, ice on the road etc.
Mechanical malfunction of our vehicle such as Acceleration Skids, Locked Wheel Skids etc are also some example of adverse situations when driving.

In this course we will cover most of the possible adverse driving conditions:

  1. How to adjust driving in responding to different adverse conditions –
    a. Rain and Aquaplaning
    b. Fog
    c. Sun glare
    d. Smoke
    e. Sand drift
    f. Ice
    g. Rain at Night
    h. Some Mechanical malfunctions 
            # Acceleration Skids
            # Locked Wheel Skids
            # Steering Wheel Locking Device Warning
  2. Common mistakes
  3. Why you might fail
  4. Special tips
  5. What to do if Involve in a Collision


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