Full Course Pack

Our Full course package is a complete journey from L to P. We have designed this pack to maximize your chances to pass the test within a fixed cost. However, it does not guarantee anything but upon completion,
we highly expect you to become a safer and better driver even if you haven’t passed the test for some unseen circumstances’.

Why can’t we guarantee a Pass within a fixed price?

Well, even though all the steps will be taken to pass the test within the full course package, it doesn’t guarantee a pass because there are many other variables which solely lies upon you. This includes but not limited to the following – the mood that you will have on the test day, how you feel physically and/or psychologically, if you had enough sleep last night, how well you have organised your household matters before coming to the test, if you are in a rush for something and in urge to finish it quickly to attend your commitment and so on. All these facts have its own impacts on you while attending the test, which is why we can’t guarantee a pass even putting our best effort on you.
Remember we can only help you and guide you, but it is only you who has to perform what you have learnt already. If you can do so, we guarantee you a PASS.

How the Course is structured?

Our Full course pack is designed in three stages. At the beginning part of our course which is Part – A, we let you to develop a good control of the car by practicing in a quiet area without much interruption by other road users.

In Part A we will cover the followings –

This part of the course will include all the controls of the car, including

  • Car Controls like – Seat, Seatbelt & Mirror adjustment, knowing the blind spots, the use of all other controls of the car -indicators, gear, handbrake
  •  Correct way of operating Foot controls,
  • Steering method – Holding position, turning timing and amount,
  • Vision -what it is and the importance of it for driving
  • Road Position
  • Mechanism of Turning – Left & Right turn
  • Intersections – Basic of Intersections rules
  • Roundabout – how to turn around a roundabout without mounting over it


In Part B we will cover the followings –
When you will develop a good control of the car we will then move on to next level of our course.
In this part we will cover

  • General road rules – Stop sign, Giveaway Sign, Roundabout giveaway sign, T intersection, Cross intersection
  • How to drive with moderate traffic – how to control stress and practice own rights and give way to others where applicable
  • Simple and complex Traffic Lights – Demonstration and practice
  • Curve – how to control your car in a curve and/or downhill road
  • How to improve visibility while turning if vision blocked out by other objects


In Part C we will cover the followings –
When you will have a further better control of the car and good self-control driving in a medium traffic
environment and basic understanding of general road rules, we will then start practicing to the selected RMS
area where you will be doing the Driving test. The above two stages should take anywhere from 5-10
Lessons based on your attentiveness and Learning skills & eagerness.

  • In this final part of the course we will be practicing toget used to with the RMS designated testing areas.
  • While doing so we will be going through repeatedly all the skills that you have already learnt previously in above two stages.
  • You will have plenty opportunities to clear up any confusion and doubts about any aspect of driving in this period of learning.
  • By practicing in usual traffic environment and different sorts of roads and intersections you will develop ultimate skills that requires to pass the Driving test.
  • We will also do the “Intensive Crash course” and/or mock tests to finally get ready for the driving test.


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    Full Package course in a glance

    26 Hours & 3 Car Hire
    Complete pack

    One to One in car driving

    Ideal for following structured lesson


    Pre and Post Lesson follow up

    Ongoing progressive report

    Good for a fresh learner

    Express test preparation included

    Mock test included

    Free pick up & drop off

    Car provided to attend the Driving
    test at RMS – up to 3 times

    Get your Licence*

    *DISCLAIMER: This is NOT a
    guarantee as it depends on how
    individuals perform on the day.
    However most of our Learners get

    their licence by the time they
    complete this pack.

    Save $275