Overcoming Driving Fear

It’s easy to understand how a major car accident would cause someone to fear driving, but most
driving phobia have nothing to do with accidents.

For example :
  • Fear of going too fast and losing control

  •  Underestimation of own ability

  • Fear of Fatalities

  •  Driving outside of one’s comfort zone

  • Significant stress or life changes, like divorce or someone close has passed away

  • A recent accident or trauma, unrelated to driving

Above are some of the multitude of reasons causing your fear of driving. In regards of getting over your driving fear you have to help us to help you. We identify the main reason behind your fear and then explain it to you. It is up to you to follow our instructions in order to overcome the fear. Good thing is, most of the learners trust us and start following straightway and see the result instantly.

Some learners just need some extra time and help to get over it, which is completely normal. We always see this and help learners overcome this together.

Hearing a lot of comments from other learners may create unnecessary stress and fear in you. A common example is Reverse parallel parking. Often learners find this parking very easy in the first go following our method, but usually keep stressing until we do it due to the bad experiences
relayed from other learners they have interacted with. Sometimes we find a learner to become stiff like an ironman, seizing the steering wheel for dear life, heart racing and body sweating while sitting behind the wheel, stressing and seeing the need to avoid crashes as an extreme challenge.

This is the wrong way of thinking. Firstly as a learner you are expected to make mistakes. Secondly don’t forget your experienced, professional driving instructor sitting next to you is there to help and guide you through all the steps. Pass the stress onto your instructor as he is also driving with you and has a dual brake on his side along with access to your steering.

If you can rely on your instructor and follow instructions, driving should become easy and enjoyable. Always consult with your instructor if there is an issue while driving rather than facing the challenge by yourself and make it complicated causing a depletion in your confidence.

If you have a question your instructor should have an answer to it. If not so, then look for a different one who can logically answer you and make you understand things better. At RDT121 we take that challenge to answer any of your questions, whatever it is. No question is silly, nor too hard to answer. No challenge is a mission impossible to us.

Remember nothing retrains the brain like direct experience and that is what we will be doing while practicing with professional and safe guidance in RDT121.

The one who is persistent always wins, the one who gives up is the looser.


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